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                  BE - SEMESTER– V (NEW) EXAMINATION – WINTER 2020 
Subject Code:3150005                                                                                                        
Subject Name:IPDC-1(Integrated Personality Development Course) 

1. Attempt all Section. 
2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary. 
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks. 
4. Student has to darken the circle in OMR answer sheet in Sr. No 1 to 40 only.

Section A 

Instructions: For each question ch oose ONLY ONE option and mark it on the answer sheet given to you. Attempt any 8 questions out of 10. Answer according to what you learnt from the IPDC lectures and workbook.
Q_no Question
1 My personal growth depends only on my surroundings.
A: True
B: False
2 Most highly successful people keep the habit of reading 30 minutes or more.
A: True
B: False
3 Though a Legend may be not present physically, their value -based life can serve as an inspiration for others.
A: True
B: False
4 Principles of project management makes it harder to plan in advance.
A: True
B: False
5 Time efficiency means to effectively complete the project within the deadline.
A: True
B: False
6 Excessive social media usage has been critically linked to loneliness and depression within youth.
A: True
B: False
7 Asking for forgiveness is an act of a coward.
A: True
B: False
8 Failing means that one has no potential to achieve success.
A: True
B: False
9 Within the circle of influence, there are things that you can control.
A: True
B: False
10 Drinking alcohol is only harmful to the health of the elderly and not of the youth.
A: True
B: False
Section B 

Instructions: For each question ch oose ONLY ONE option and mark it on the answer sheet given to you. Attempt any 12 questions out of 15. Answer according to what you learnt from the IPDC lectures and workbook.
Q_no Question
11 Which of the following are NOT one of IPDC’s four quotients?
a. Intelligence Quotient
b. Emotional Quotient
c. Adaptability Quotient
d. Physical Quotient
12 Which of these is NOT one of the 6 powerful thoughts?
a. Whatever happens, happens for the best
b. What am I grateful for?
c. How can I get people to like me?
d. Am I giving my 100%?
13 What you do ___ is called habit.
a. Punctually
b. Nicely
c. Consistently
d. Lovingly
14 Which of these people had the following thought that led to their success – “What happens if you divide 0 by 0?”
a. Srinivasa Ramanujan
b. Isaac Newton
c. Albert Einstein
d. Abdul Kalam
15 Which of the following points is NOT one of the habits that Tom Corley, author of "Change Your Habits, Change Your Life" discussed in his study of 233 self-made millionaires over a period of 5 years?
a. They get up early
b. They sleep 4 hours or less
c. They read a lot
d. They make exercise a priority
16 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a good team player?
a. Selflessness
b. Respect
c. Half-heartedness
a. Adaptability
17 What did Tata do for the people of India?
a. Tate created a free telephone service with unlimited data.
b. Tate created an affordable car for every family.
c. Tata created the largest hospital in Mumbai.
d. Tata created a new submarine for the military
18 Which of these is NOT one of the principles of the Project Management Triangle?
a. Environmental Impact
b. Quality of Project
c. Time Efficiency
d. Resources
19 Complete the following phrase: "Home is where the __is"
a. mind
b. heart
c. life
d. light
20 How did Raj react to his father when he gave him a Bhagwat Gita instead of the car he asked for?
a. He never spoke to his father again
b. He told his friend to buy him the car instead
c. He asked for an explanation
d. He moved to Japan and lived there
21 According to the workbook, which of the following is NOT part of the process of forgiving?
a. Consider why you want to forgive this person
b. Choose to forgive
c. Think of the person's flaws and share it with others
d. When in doubt, take your time
22 What is atychiphobia?
a. Fear of spiders
b. Fear of closed spaces
c. Fear of heights
d. Fear of failure
23 Which famous failure is best known for later success in writing the international best - selling book series Harry Potter?
a. John Rolling
b. JK Rowling
c. George Orwell
d. JRR Tolkien
24 Which of these methods can help an addict overcome their addictions?
a. Firmly decide to give up
b. Reject assistance
c. Deny accountability
d. All the above
25 What was the fate of the shining star Devashish Ghosh?
a. He is currently working at NASA, even though he had initially declined their offer
b. He is working for ISRO since he declined NASA’s offer to serve his country
c. He is working on aerospace research for Lockheed Martin
d. He is working at a clothing processing factory in Ahmedabad

Section C 

Instructions: For each question ch oose ONLY ONE option and mark it on the answer sheet given to you. Attempt any 12 questions out of 15. Read each question carefully before answering. Apply what you have learnt from the IPDC lectures and workbook to choose the best option.
Q_no Question
26 After being stuck in quarantine for 6 months, Manohar has not been able to take his usual journey to college. For the last 6 months, his usual routine consists of waking up at 11am, watching a movie, taking a nap, and then studying through the whole night while eating the fast food that he ordered online. Unfortunately, despite his hard efforts, he is finding it harder to concentrate while studying and he is feeling more tired than usual. Manohar explains his confusion to you, what do you think is the best way to advise him?
a. Do not worry, you are genuinely trying your best. Once college opens again, everything will go back to normal and you will see the fruit of your hard effort .
b. Do not worry, you are trying your best. But you should consider exercising and eating healthier. You know what they say, a healthy body makes a healthy mind.
27 Samir is a 4th year engineering student. This year many companies visited his college for campus placement. He worked hard to prepare for his interview with his dream company, yet he was still not selected. What should Samir do now?
a. He should find the placement officer and request him to ask the company executive to reconsider the interview.
b. Samir should analyse the interview and find the reasons of his non -selection. He should then try to improve those weak points and prepare himself for his next interviews.
28 You have planned a cultural event at your college. You have planned to set a wonderful stage for the inauguration. Your institute has allocated a dedicated fund for the stage decoration. During the final selection, you find that your team will need more human resources to set the stage, in addition to the current labourers. What will you do?
a. Train students for stage building and decoration
b. Request your institute to increase the allocated budget to hire more labourers
29 Anjali has prepared for a cultural festival dance performance at her college. She has been practicing for many weeks. It is now the day before the event and Anjali is feeling quite confident. But that was until she saw the other participants practicing. Seeing their dance routines, she felt that they were far more superior than her. What would you recommend her to do?
a. She should remember her efforts and give her best performance possible.
b. She should give an excuse to the organiser and avoid her performance to prevent any potential embarrassment.
30 "The rule of 21" - What did we learn from this rule in the context of new habits, as mentioned by Robin Sharma in his book named - "Who will cry when you die?"
a. You should develop a habit, by practicing it for 21 days without a break. Initially, it is normal to feel uncomfortable for the first few days. But if you break them in for about three weeks, they will fit like a second skin.
b. If you find it uncomfortable while developing a new habit, then take a break and continue when it feels more natural to you. Continue this until you reach the 21 days target to develop a beneficial habit.
31 First they break you and then they remake you’. What can we learn from this method that the USA Army use to train their recruits?
a. We should be ready to come out of our own comfort zone to further our personal growth.
b. We should break all limits and make new innovations.
32 Megha has recently been feeling unhappy and lonely. Since for the last 2 weeks, she has been longing to share her emotions with someone. What should she do?
a. She should reach out to people using social media and create new friendships.
b. She should express her feelings to family members who she feels comfortable with.
33 Pallavi was very close with her family as a child. But after finishing her 7th standard, she attended an out -of-state boarding school. And then later studied in college abroad. After 9 years, she finally returned to settle with her family at home. But she is finding it difficult to connect with her family like she did as a child. What do you think Pallavi should do?
a. Pallavi should give herself time to settle down and adjust to her new environment.
b. Pallavi should regularly spend some quality time with her family.
34 Satya is currently studying at 9th standard. His schoolwork has moved online and he now studies at home all the time. He spends hours on his phone every day to keep himself entertained and to escape his boredom. He feels bad about it. What advice would you give him?
a. It is a tough time right now, spending more time on social media will allow you to pass time quicker. Search for posts that are positive and useful.
b. It is a tough time right now, so it is important to make sure we do not slip into harmful habits and lose control of our attention. So, limit the time in which you use social media.
35 On the result of his good exam performance, Kirtan recently gained admission to a prestigious college. But upon exploring the college environment, he sees that most of the students are intelligent, wealthy and speak fluent English. Kirtan, coming from a lesser advantaged background, feels that he does not belong in this environment. What do you think Kirtan should do?
a. Kirtan should remember that he has earned the right to admission through his academic ability. He should focus on working hard and not on his background.
b. Kirtan needs to be more like the other students. If he starts wearing fancy clothes and copies the speaking style of the other students, then he will feel more comfortable.
36 Deepa is currently studying law at a world -renowned college in America. She has been asked to deliver a speech about gender equality at a regional student convention. Deepa is passionate about her subject, but she is worried that the audience members will quietly mock her Indian accent and origin. She is mostly prepared for her speech, but with 3 days to go, this worry is still playing in her mind. What should she do?
a. Deepa should use these last few days to try and adopt a more American accent.
b. Deepa should focus on channelling her passion to her audience.
37 Devashish Ghosh, an intelligent youth, had great career prospects. But he became addicted to various of drugs. The Defence Ministry found him in possession of drugs and blacklisted him. This ruined his career. How do you think Devashish Ghosh could have avoided this situation?
a. Devashish should have only used drugs occasionally during his vacation time.
b. Devashish should not have taken the risk. He should have avoided the use of drugs completely.
38 Dhaval has been visiting the cricket nets every day to practice for the upcoming regional trials in a few days’ time. He feels confident in his ability and expects to gain a spot in the regional cricket team. Upon his regular visits, he gets familiar with another youth called Raj. Upon talking, Dhaval finds out that Raj is also applying for the trials. Raj requests Dhaval to give him some guidance on his batting style. Raj is not sure whether to help him or not, because competition is already high and Dhaval seems naturally talented. What do you think Raj should do?
a. Dhaval should try hard to assist Raj improve his batting technique.
b. Dhaval should give Raj a few general tips before leaving to focus on his own technique.
39 Ram has just received his mid -term exam back from his teacher. He has scored the highest score in the class with an amazing 91%. After being praised by his teacher, Ram looks through his classmate’s paper. His classmate, Shyam, has also scored very highly. Upon further inspection, Ram notices that one of Shyam’s questions was marked incorrectly. If Ram informs the teacher then Shyam will gain 3 more marks. However, this will put Shyam as the highest scorer and Ram as second. What do you think Ram should do?
a. Ram should not inform the teacher. The fault belongs to the teacher. So, Ram should just enjoy his well -earned first place.
b. Ram should inform the teacher about the mistake and take pleasure in helping Shyam get a better grade.
40 Anuj has an aspiration of becoming a credible IT consultant. He spends most of the time on his laptop and mobile to watch online certification training videos, track market trends, and to expand his professional network. However, this prevents him spending much time with his family even though they live in the same household. His parents often complain about him being 'always stuck to his laptop and mobile'. How should Anuj evaluate his routine?
a. Anuj should keep his career as his prime focus. He should promise his parents that he will schedule them in some quality time for one weekend, next month. After his career is set then he will make more time to spend with his family.
b. Anuj should schedule some quality time for his parents every week. He can continue working on his career, but it will not hurt him to take a break from his electronics now and again.

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GTU ENGINEERING PAPERS SOLUTION: IPDC-1(3150005) GTU Paper Solution || Gtu Previous year paper Winter 2020
IPDC-1(3150005) GTU Paper Solution || Gtu Previous year paper Winter 2020
IPDC-1(Integrated Personality Development Course) (3150005) GTU Paper Solution || Gtu Previous year paper Winter 2020
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