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Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics(3140611) Syllabus
3140611 Subject Name?
3140611 Syllabus
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Gtu Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Syllabus

Branch:Civil Engineering
Subject_Name:Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics(3140611)

Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics(3140611)-Syllabus

Chap_no Topic
1. Properties of Fluids
Mass density, specific weight, specific gravity, specific volume, vapour pressure, compressibility, elasticity, surface tension, capillarity; Newton’s law of viscosity, Types of fluids, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, variation of viscosity with temperature; Basic applications of fluid mechanics
2. Fluid Statics
Measurement of Pressure: Pressure variation in static fluid, Pascal’s law, Units and scale of pressure measurement- Atmospheric pressure, Absolute pressure, Gauge pressure, and Vacuum pressure, Hydrostatic paradox, Piezometer, U-Tube manometer, Single column manometer, U-tube differential manometer, Inverted U-tube differential manometer, micromanometers. Hydrostatic force on plane and curved surface: Total pressure and center of pressure, pressure diagram, Total pressure on plane surfaces and curved surfaces depth of center of pressure, Practical applications of Total pressure and Center of pressure. Buoyancy and Flotation: Buoyant force, Buoyancy and Center of Buoyancy, Archimedes Principle, Metacentre and Metacentric height, Equilibrium of floating and submerged bodies, Metacentric height evaluation –theoretical and experimental method.
3. Fluid Kinematics & Dynamics
Fluid flow methods of analysis of fluid motion, Streamlines, Path lines, Streak lines and Stream tubes. Types of fluid flow-Steady and unsteady flow, Uniform and non-uniform flow, Laminar and turbulent flow, Reynolds number, Reynolds experiment, Rotational and Irrotational flow, Subcritical, critical and Supercritical flow, Compressible and Incompressible flow, One, Two and three dimensional flow velocity potential and stream function, flow net, Euler’s equation, Bernoulli’s equation and its applications.
4. Flow Measuring Devices
Measurement of discharge- Venturimeter, Orificemeter, Nozzlemeter, Rotometer. Measurement of velocity-Pitot tube. Orifice- classification hydraulic coefficients, Experimental determination of hydraulic coefficients, Small and large orifice,. Mouthpiece- classification, External cylindrical mouthpiece, Convergent –divergent mouthpiece, Borda’s mouthpiece. Notches and weirs-discharge over rectangular notch and triangular notch. Velocity of approach
5. Flow Through Pipes
Introduction-Continuity equation-Energy equation-Momentum equation Major and minor energy losses, hydraulic gradient and total energy line, pipes in series and parallel, pipe networks by Hardy Cross method Viscous flow-Couette flow, Hagen-Poiseuille equation-flow between parallel plates. Turbulent flow in pipes-Prandtl’s mixing length theory Smooth and rough boundarieswater hammer phenomenon
6. Open Channel Flow
Basic concept of open channel flow- Steady uniform flow-Velocity distribution-Optimum shape of cross section for uniform flow- Energy equation-specific energy-specific energy diagram-discharge diagram-Application of specific energy and discharge diagrams. NonUniform steady flow-equations for gradually varied flow- Direct Step method, Rapidly varied flow- Hydraulic jump.
7. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
Fundamental dimensions-Physical Quantity and Dimensions-Dimensional HomogeneityNon Dimensional parameters, Theorem dimensional analysis, Choice of variables,Determination of Dimensionless parameters. Model Similitude-Physical modelsgeometric-kinematic and dynamic similarity,

Course Outcome

Sr_no: CO Statement Marks Weightage
CO1 Analyze forces on floating bodies and understand fluids in relative equilibrium 20
CO2 Calibrate and demonstrate fluid flow measuring devices like venturimeter, orificemeter, notches, orifice, mouthpieces. 25
CO3 Analyze fluid flow through pipes in series, parallel and pipe networks under laminar and turbulent flow conditions 20
CO4 Analyze open channel flow and design optimal sections; calculate forces on sluice gates considering specific energy and momentum principle. 25



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GTU ENGINEERING PAPERS SOLUTION: Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics|3140611| Syllabus
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics|3140611| Syllabus
FM&H-3140611 gtu syllabus,previous year paper solution and chapter wise imp questuions with answer..
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